Frequently Asked Questions

For which social networks can you alert me when a username is released?
At the moment we monitor and send alerts when handles become available on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
How can I contact you?
You can contact us by email at contact@handledroid.com or DM on Twitter @HandleDroid. Please note that we don't check Twitter DMs as often as we check the Inbox.
How will I know if my desired username becomes available?
Our bot will contact you immediately by email if the username becomes available or changes its availability status.
Should I check the Dashboard regularly?
No! That's the idea, our bot will do all the work and will contact you only when you need to take action.
What if the alert email gets marked as spam?

Make sure you add contact@handledroid.com to your contacts list. We do our best to have the alert email delivered to your Inbox (even without you adding our email address to your contacts list) and even though we never had reports about emails from us being marked as spam, there is a small possibility of the email being labeled as "Promotion".

Alternatively, you can import HandleDroid's vCard to your Google Contacts list.

How often do you send emails?
Don't worry, we too hate spam! We only send emails:
  • When the desired username changes its availability
  • An account summary, once every three months (if you have active alerts)
How do you compare against the competitors?
We're glad you asked! Feel free to check out the comparison page.
What options do I have if my desired handle is taken?
Please read the complete guide on how to claim an already taken username.
How do I move my content and audience to the new social media account?

On all social networks, when you change the username, all your content and audience will be automatically moved to the new account. You no longer have to do anything on the social media site.

You only need to change the links that appear on your own site because your old account will be instantly deactivated.