Is the handle you want already taken on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

we nofity you by email when a desired handle becomes available on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

For US$12 (or €10) our bot will monitor one handle on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, for up to three years. The bot will email you when the username becomes available or its availability status changes.

How can I get notified when a username is released?

social media handles monitoring robot

Is this service safe?

By design we minimize data collection. We choose our partners very carefully.

But others do this for free, no?

Are you sure they're not just after your email address? Feel free to compare us against our competitors.

I have a different question!

Reach back to us if you don't find the answer in our FAQ page.

Notify me when a username is released - in a nutshell

As makers, for all the projects we worked on, we were annoyed to see that all the "cool" Twitter, Facebook and Instagram handles were already taken. We never trusted the shady-looking already existing services, and generic page monitoring tools don’t work, so we built the first professional monitoring and alerting service.